2016 Happiness Jar

2016 Happiness Jar :: Alaina Ann

2016 Happiness Jar :: Alaina Ann

2016 marked my fourth year of writing little notes to place inside a happiness jar. It’s always fun and enlightening to tip the jar over and read the short notes to myself, at the start of a new year.

Despite last year having numerous difficult moments, there’s still plenty to smile about.

Favorite notes:
  • Family member safely home from deployment {twice}
  • AAC booked for the year, in January
  • Spring AND fall road trip
  • Westward moving date decided
  • Answers from doctors
  • New friends
  • Paid off student loan
  • Three months on the road
  • Giving to those in need
  • Hugs from my babes
  • Overdue visits
  • Outside Magazine photo consideration

Do you have a happiness jar set aside for 2017?

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