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A Few Changes :: Alaina Ann

Each year I spend time reflecting on the purpose of this blog, what’s most appealing to you while considering life changes that impact what comes through in my posts.

Last year was pretty grand, your favorite parts of this blog space were overwhelmingly obvious and I have continued to grow in my new life.

Naturally, a few changes are being made here on alainaann.com. And I love each and every one :)

Emphasis Areas

These are mostly remaining the same. A few stand alone areas will now be wrapped up where appropriate.

:: Personal
:: Inspirational Words
:: Everyday Organization

Posting Days

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are still my sweet spot days for sharing.

Previously, I had bonus days to share goals, news and anything that didn’t quite fit in my existing blog schedule. To be honest, three days a week is too perfect to mess up with bonus posts.

Each emphasis area has its own day. You’ll always know what type of post is coming your way!


I’ll be keeping it personal on Tuesdays! Goals will now be the first Tuesday of the month, instead of the first day of the month. Gluten-Free Living posts will pop in on occasion, likely once a month instead of every other week. My iPhone Favorites, projects, personal notes, news and book reviews are other topics for the first post of the week.


Same old for Wednesday :) Inspirational Words from authors, public figures and the like will continue to occupy the middle of the week.


A few fun changes here! Thursday is still Everyday Organization day. Instead of rotating through the three main areas {Family, Life and Home} one week after another, these will now fall on the first, second and third Thursday of each month.

:: First = Family
:: Second = Life
:: Third = Home

So what happens on the fourth Thursday of the month?!

Shop Talk!

After receiving MANY emails and requests for opening a shop here on alainaann.com, I have decided to move forward with a little online store. Consider me pumped! More to come on this very soon :)

When a fifth Thursday shows up, I’ll use that day to check in on printable requests and ways I may better assist with your everyday organization.


A few ideas for the new design have been dancing in my mind. The only elements confirmed are the addition of a shop, a printable library page and call outs to various areas of goodness in the right sidebar.

I’m excited about these few changes. And, of course, would love to hear about your thoughts on my new plan in the comments below!

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