An Update on the Honest Company :: Gluten-Free

An Update on the Honest Company :: Gluten-Free :: Alaina Ann

An Update on the Honest Company :: Gluten-Free :: Alaina Ann

As you know, I fell in love with gluten-free products from the Honest Company years ago. Many have been reviewed and recommended here on the blog.

In February 2014, when first sharing my experience with products from the Honest Company, the website had a blog post about allergens with a blanket statement that all products were gluten-free.

Recently, I noticed this page was no longer available (an “Oops! That page can’t be found” message appears instead).

Naturally, my first step was to reach out to a customer service representative to ask about gluten-free products. A full gluten-free product list was unavailable at the time, but she instructed me to review individual product pages for a gluten-free statement. Since many of the products I once used did not have a gluten-free statement, I decided to cancel my bundle membership. Instead, products still used are ordered on an as needed basis.

Whenever you have an allergy, it’s important to read labels, even if you have been using a product for years. If you are using products from the Honest Company, under the assumption all their products are gluten-free, I encourage you to take a look at the product label and/or product page for confirmation.

I love the few products still being used on a daily basis and definitely miss the ones removed from my shower, medicine cabinet and purse.

Gluten-free Honest Company product reviews will be updated with a link back to this post, to prevent misinformation being shared.

Naturally, many new gluten-free personal care products have joined my personal care regimen. Keep an eye out for updates and new suggestions!

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