Birthday Thoughts :: 35 Years

Birthday Thoughts :: 34 Years :: Alaina Ann

My 35th birthday is hours away! I suppose this is a milestone birthday, since it ends with a five and officially throws me into my mid thirties :)

Depending on mother nature and how much rain she plans to dump on the area tomorrow, I’m thinking sunrise in a local sunflower field, a late afternoon hike and steak dinner are all great ways to celebrate. Low-key, outside and with family is my style these days.

The upcoming year is going to be quite profound. Loads of thinking going on as I move through all the exciting changes ahead.

Birthday Thoughts

Write a book. The number of people who have asked me whether or not I have considered writing a book is too many to count. A book will, indeed, be written. The bigger question is if I ever release it for others to read ;)

Simplify. I have been simplifying my life for years and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the process. With a move across the country in my future, this will be a big focus over the upcoming year.

Launch the next phase of Alaina Ann Creative. Ideas, plans, intentions and hard work have been poured into the next phase of Alaina Ann Creative for several years now. Dreaming about where I want my first company to go has been fun and a little intense. Taking a deep breath and confirming this is the year of my life to take a leap and launch.

Move across the country. Three years ago I arrived in Maryland, knowing one day my home would be on the other side of the country. My plan is to move clear across the United States in a little less than a year.

Family and friends. The reason why Maryland became home again is because of family. My parents, siblings, niece, nephews, aunts, uncles, most cousins, lifelong friends and many other people who have captured my heart along the way live on the east coast. I’m less than a day of driving from everyone. With my upcoming move, spending time with all these people is more important than ever.

Loving life. I can honestly say these are the happiest days of my life! For all the pieces within my control, I will continue to design a life and future filled with passion, love, travel, family and every little thing that makes my heart full.

Feels wonderful to {almost} be 35!

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