Birthday Thoughts :: 36 Years

Birthday Thoughts :: 36 Years :: Alaina Ann

My final year to claim mid-thirties is upon us! The big 3-6, aka, four years from forty.

I am currently on the road, traveling eastbound for a family reunion, a ceremony honoring one of my dearest childhood friends {posthumously}, and celebrating my brother’s wedding. So much time with family and friends is in my future :)

My travels will take me to Michigan on my birthday, before dipping south for Pennsylvania and Maryland.

To say I’m excited for the year ahead is an understatement. Shortly after writing my birthday thoughts last year, I began an unexpected battle with various health issues. Some remained undiagnosed and complicated to deal with, well into winter. Most everything was put on hold while I worked toward regaining better health, working, hoping to still move to Oregon {I did!} and traveling a little bit, when possible.

So, there are going to be a few repeats this year. Because I’m feeling great AND ready to take on all the big and small plans I wished and dreamed up a year ago.

Birthday Thoughts

Maintain good health. As I sit and type this today, I am a healthy lady again. After everything that happened last summer, I am well aware how quickly good health can slip away. It took eight solid months for me to get back to feeling normal again. Maintaining good health, keeping up with all my appointments, eating a certain way, keeping fit and taking necessary medications/supplements are all at the very top of my priorities.

Write a book. I have absolutely decided to both write a book and work to have it published. This little dream project is in its infancy. As more details emerge, they will be shared here on the blog.

Launch the next phase of Alaina Ann Creative. Ideas, plans, intentions and hard work have been poured into the next phase of Alaina Ann Creative for several years now. Dreaming about where I want my first company to go has been fun and a little intense. Taking a deep breath and confirming this is the year of my life to take a leap and launch. *This never happened between my last birthday and now. Feeling confident this will be the new launch year!

Friends on the west side. I did, in fact, move clear across the country. Oregon is now home and I know very few people nearby. Most people thought I was crazy to move from one coast to another, alone, with no home or familiar faces waiting for me upon arrival. Perhaps it was a bit crazy :) I’m looking forward to meeting new people who call Oregon home. It will be a grand adventure along the way.

Explore endlessly. With my recent move, there’s an entire side of the country ready for exploration. Although I am quite familiar with Oregon, Washington and California, there’s an endless list of places to visit {with a camera in hand} on my bucket list.

Open to love again. Quite a few family members and friends have recently asked if I am ready to find love again {an oversimplified backstory: I was married before, my heart was broken, I chose to abruptly separate and then divorce}. The short answer is yes, I am ready to fall in love again. Truth be told, I have been for quite some time. Finding someone to share my life with simply has not been a priority in recent years. I also prefer an organic approach when it comes to matters of the heart. If I meet someone amazing while out living my life, that’s fantastic. If not, that’s quite alright, too. No need to go searching for love.

Here’s to embracing 36 years :)

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