Intentions :: August 2016

How’s your first few days of August moving along? Nicely, I hope! July was a glorious {too hot} month of aging, family, being at home and preparing for the goodness of fall. August will be another fairly local month, with a few nearby explorations. I’m excited to finish planning my fall around the country road… {read more}

Intentions :: July 2016

Excuse me. How is it almost JULY?! Time seems to be going by a bit too fast the last few months, if you ask me. I’m sure being on the road likely contributed to this feeling :) I am HOME from my 40 day around the country road trip. There were a few more bumps… {read more}

Intentions :: June 2016

Happy almost June to you! Summer has arrived :) I am currently on a 40 day road trip around the country, returning home toward the end of June. So far, the trip has been AMAZING, minus a few weather days driving through and out of crazy storms. No tornadoes spotted from my car windows, so… {read more}

Intentions :: May 2016

Oh my goodness. How is it already MAY?! Tricky year, starting off nice and slow. Then rushing into the month of my first big road trip :) April was fun, kicking off my travel season with relatively short, local {east coast} trips AND seeing dear friends. This month I will roll the dice with a… {read more}

Intentions :: April 2016

April arrives on Friday! The first quarter of the year is almost behind us. March was a pretty swift month for me. How about you? Family time was the number one highlight from March :) I also enjoyed getting my travel feet wet with a few short road trips. April 2016 Intentions Read Boundaries, by… {read more}

Intentions :: March 2016

Happy March!! How is your year going so far? Wild and crazy? Low-key and calm? Somewhere in between? Mine has been low-key, with a little extra wild and crazy welcome :) February was the perfect month for staying close to home. Alaina Ann Creative projects kicked off with a booked year ahead. Alaina Ann Photography… {read more}

Intentions :: February 2016

Happy February to you! I am pleased to say January’s overall speed felt normal, instead of the usual blink and it’s gone pace. Last month was great for easing back into work, setting a new groove for 2016 and deciding on a few fun decisions for the months ahead. Travel was minimal, with one big… {read more}

Year Long Intentions :: 2016

As the years continue to SWIFTLY go by, I decided it was time to focus on a few year long intentions. The list below is short, relatively simple and important for my heart, body and happiness. Daily Moisturize. Seems simple enough, yet somehow my poor legs and core are neglected by lotion. Time to change… {read more}

Intentions :: January 2016

The year is swiftly coming to a close. Happy almost January to you :) As mentioned in my December Goals post, this monthly addition will now be titled Intentions. A more fitting word for the lists to follow. January 2016 Intentions Read Now, Discover your Strengths, by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton Lace up… {read more}

Goals :: December 2015

Consider me baffled. It’s December. The final month of the year! Where did this year GO?! In my typical December fashion, this will be a light month. And I am SO looking forward to every bit of deserved time off. On another note, when 2016 rolls around, my monthly goals post will be renamed intentions…. {read more}