Intentions :: November 2017

October has been a wonderful, low-key month in Maryland. Spending time with family, meeting my new niece and catching up with dear friends has been absolutely wonderful. November 2017 Intentions Read Get Over Your Damn Self: The No-BS Blueprint to Building a Life-Changing Business Squeeze in a few more visits with family and friends Plan… {read more}

Fall Upgrades {2017}

For years, I have been wanting to buy a cargo van for a camper van conversion. The timing was finally right and the Adventureram is now on a maiden voyage around the country! Ram ProMaster 2500 After months of research and looking at the vehicles available in Oregon last month, I decided to purchase a… {read more}

Intentions :: October 2017

September kicked off my 62 day road trip around the country! I’ve reached Maryland for a little downtime and family time, as well as a few fall foliage trips around the Northeast. October 2017 Intentions Read For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards Meet my sweet, little niece :) Spend… {read more}

Fall Road Trip {2017}

Fall is upon us, which means it’s time for another around the country road trip for this lady! I left Oregon this morning and will be on the road for 62 days :) I’m planning a little time in the Southwest before making my way to Maryland for family time. This will be a more… {read more}

Falling in love with Oregon.

Truth be told, I fell in love with Oregon long before calling the state home three months ago. Alas, my heart has managed to burst at the seams with each passing day. Three months in and I have a sweet little home, filled with purple, teal, gray and blue decor. In my favorite area of… {read more}

Intentions :: September 2017

Being perfectly honest, I have no idea what happened to August. The month started with the celebration of my brother’s marriage, a cross-country road trip back to Oregon, a childhood friend and her daughter visiting for the eclipse, followed by working hard and making plans for my next dream to reality moment. Phew! September is… {read more}

Intentions :: August 2017

Happy August to you! July was a whirlwind month filled with driving across the country, this time west to east, and spending loads of time with family and friends. Time and time again I am reminded how fortunate I am to share this beautiful journey with so many amazing people. August 2017 Intentions Read The… {read more}

Birthday Thoughts :: 36 Years

My final year to claim mid-thirties is upon us! The big 3-6, aka, four years from forty. I am currently on the road, traveling eastbound for a family reunion, a ceremony honoring one of my dearest childhood friends {posthumously}, and celebrating my brother’s wedding. So much time with family and friends is in my future… {read more}

Spring and Summer Upgrades {2017}

To be perfectly honest, I have upgraded an entire home in the last twenty days! On June 1, I signed a lease in Oregon and immediately began purchasing furniture, a bed, everything for my kitchen and what feels like countless storage accessories. Would be silly to list everything out, so I’ll go with a few… {read more}

Intentions :: June 2017

I hope your June is off to a lovely start! Although I planned to keep blogging while on the road to Oregon, the trip, exploring, finding a home and moving in grabbed a great deal of my time! Only a few bins need to be unpacked and I am settling in nicely to my new… {read more}