I am Thankful :: 2016

Thanksgiving has come and gone. My mom prepared an amazing feast, free from all the top allergens {when my family sits down together, we cover the big eight and then some}. My current elimination diets kept me away from all the pies and most of the food. I will say, the turkey was one of… {read more}

Short hair and answers.

SO, in early September I decided it was time to grow my hair long for another ponytail donation. And over the weekend I had most of it cut off. In early October, my hair started falling out. In clumps. The upside is I started with a TON of hair. And losing half my locks prompted… {read more}

Intentions :: November 2016

October may have been the swiftest month of 2016. I spent the first half traveling back to Maryland from Colorado. And it was fantastic! The second half of the month has been busy with work, doctor appointments {still working on my allergies} and family time. November will slow down a bit on the travel front…. {read more}

Checking in on year long intentions.

Admittedly, it’s a tad late in the year to be checking in on my year long intentions set back in January. The middle of the year, however, came and went with higher priorities! Daily intentions: moisturize, read and move. Pleased to say I managed to stay true to each of these intentions. With moisturizing likely… {read more}

Fall Upgrades {2016}

Fall has officially arrived, per the calendar. Recent temperatures may suggest otherwise… it’s been in the 80’s this week! I did receive a lovely taste of fall while on the road in September and October. All three upgrades were broken in and used extensively along the way :) Apple iPhone 7 If Apple significantly upgrades… {read more}

My favorite season has arrived.

My favorite season has arrived. Fall is in the air everywhere I go. Most notably Durango, Colorado {photographed above}. I always breath easier when fall rolls in. Maybe it’s the crisp temperatures, beautiful colors, delicious foods being harvested and {most likely} the overall lack of humidity. Summers in the Maryland are quite moist! There are… {read more}

iPhone Favorites :: September 2016

September was all about being at home. All photographs were captured in Poolesville, Maryland.

Intentions :: October 2016

September FLEW by. What happened to this month? I’ll tell you what happened during my September: countless doctor appointments. The good news is my body has mostly recovered from a brutal round of allergic reactions. While waiting for follow-up appointments to come due, I’m celebrating with a little road trip! My adventurewagon will pull back… {read more}

Fall Road Trip {2016}

Each year I plan an epic, long road trip around the country to photograph fall foliage. Last year my camera, adventurewagen and I spent 65 days on the road. My original road trip plan for this fall was nearly all new locations, spanning across 50 days. Life happened, as it sometimes does, preventing me from… {read more}

Intentions :: September 2016

August was an extremely difficult month. I had an unexpected, secondary exposure to shellfish resulting in anaphylaxis. The allergy was much more difficult to treat and stabilize than previous reactions {I’ve had the allergy for 20 years}. Although I am feeling MUCH better now, I’m spending a bit of time with specialists to try and… {read more}