Chores 5 x 7 inch Print Set {Printable}

The Alaina Ann shop has a few new additions! Allow me to introduce the 5 x 7 inch Chore Print Set {printable}. Each printable set comes in purple, teal, blue, pink, gray and black and may be printed on 5 x 7 inch or 8.5 x 11 inch paper. There are three design options –… {read more}

Inside the Alaina Ann Shop

The Alaina Ann shop is filling up nicely! So far, all the printable items are type ready/editable. And the recipe binder printable bundles have been the big sellers. No surprise there :) Here’s a look at the printable bundles available today: Full Recipe Binder Printable Recipe Binder Printable Recipe Binder Cover Sheet Printable Recipe Binder… {read more}

Alaina Ann Shop Now OPEN!

The Alaina Ann shop is OPEN!!! {happy dance} New and original type ready printable bundles are available now. The newly designed printable collection, prints and planners are coming SOON :) Stop on by and look around!

Shop Launch Date Reminder

A friendly reminder the Alaina Ann shop launches on Friday, October 30. Mark your calendar! Stop by here for all the details :)

Shop Launch Wrap-Up

A little over a month to go before the Alaina Ann shop is launched! Loads of excitement over here :) For your convenience, all the details related to the new shop are noted below. My idea for a shop. Mark the launch date on your calendar. Take a look at the products planned for the… {read more}

Email List

There are BIG plans in the works for Alaina Ann email subscribers! Here are a few, to get started: Monthly newsletter Shop product updates Giveaways Shop launch details Exclusive coupons/sales/savings Subscribe today using the form below :)

Shop Home :: Etsy

How much do you LOVE Etsy? I have two orders in place right now for my office and am excited to receive the handmade goodness in the mail next month! After doing a bit of research, Etsy was decided to be the best place for the Alaina Ann shop. At least in the early days… {read more}

Shop Launch Color Palette

Selecting the color palette for the upcoming Alaina Ann shop launch was TOO much fun. The shop colors are similar to the current color palette here on the blog. The most noticeable difference is teal instead of green and a deeper pink. Each color has a bold and pastel version for mixing things up a… {read more}

Shop Launch Product Requests

Can you believe JUNE begins next week?! I have a feeling October will be here in no time. Last month the launch products for the Alaina Ann shop were announced! I am VERY excited to start designing the individual items. As I get started on this fun process, just wanted to check in with YOU… {read more}

Shop Launch Products

And the end of the week is here again! Brainstorming about my little shop launch has been fun and dreamy. You see, the Alaina Ann Shop has been on my mind for several years. Seeing the little pieces come together is quite exciting! For now, a short list of products to expect during the October… {read more}