Chores 5 x 7 inch Print Set {Printable}

Chores 5 x 7 inch Print Set {Printable} :: Alaina Ann

The Alaina Ann shop has a few new additions! Allow me to introduce the 5 x 7 inch Chore Print Set {printable}.

Each printable set comes in purple, teal, blue, pink, gray and black and may be printed on 5 x 7 inch or 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

There are three design options – simple {single line}, polka dot and dashed lines.

Ideal as a loose final print or framing to use repeatedly with dry erase markers {on the glass/clear plastic in frame}. Perfect for keeping chores organized in one place!

Stop by the Alaina Ann shop today to take a closer look :)

Dashed Lines
Polka Dot

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