Fall Upgrades {2017}

Fall Upgrades {2017} :: Alaina Ann

Fall Upgrades {2017} :: Alaina Ann

For years, I have been wanting to buy a cargo van for a camper van conversion. The timing was finally right and the Adventureram is now on a maiden voyage around the country!

Ram ProMaster 2500

After months of research and looking at the vehicles available in Oregon last month, I decided to purchase a 2017 Ram ProMaster 2500. This van is a clean slate inside. It’s a bare bones cargo van with endless possibilities for a final buildout. She’s a much smoother ride than anticipated and so far, the trip around the country has been going really well. I do cringe at the sound of low branches scraping across the roof!

Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15 Sleeping Bag

The Marmot sleeping bag I’ve had for years is great. That said, it’s a size large and has loads of empty space at the bottom of the bag. Not a huge deal on a comfortable night camping, but a bit chilly when the temperatures dip toward freezing. After several nights of camping with cold toes, I decided it was time for a new sleeping bag. The Big Agnes Roxy Ann comes in a petite size, is also a 15* bag and has a sleeve on the bottom to insert a sleeping pad. The color scheme is a nice bonus ;) My sister will be the lucky recipient of my lightly used Marmot sleeping bag.

GOAL ZERO Portable Power

While cruising around from one epic place to the next, it’s important I’m able to work from the van. Having electricity to power my MacBook, iPhone and camera gear is essential. Before and after the buildout, I plan to have all supplemental electricity come from solar power. To get started, investing in a GOAL ZERO YETI 150 and NOMAD 120 solar panel made sense. So far, this combo has worked well. The solar panel fits perfectly along the dashboard of the van, easily charging the battery while driving or parked.

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