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Everyday Organization :: Alaina Ann

Everyday Organization :: Alaina Ann

I found myself awake in bed, instead of sleeping, because my mind was bursting with ideas for As you know, I am currently going through Marie Forleo’s B-School. A natural part of this program is generating new ideas for business, everyday life and giving.

To make a long story short, I have decided to run with one of the ideas that kept me awake last Thursday night! I will be focusing primarily on everyday organization here on the blog and I am EXCITED!

Why? Because I LOVE being organized, creating tools for better organization and helping you become more organized in your everyday life. The purpose behind my printables is to help with everyday organization.

There are three areas of organization I plan to focus on: life, home and family. I will share printables, tips, stories, before and after photographs and resources to tackle and accomplish organization in your everyday life.

A few areas will remain the same while others will be modified moving forward.

Free Printables

These guys are definitely staying, with many more to come! Free printables are a large part of everyday organization for me and many of you {thank you for the emails and messages}!

Gluten-Free Living

I am pleased to say the gluten-free living recipes, resources, products and everything else related to sans gluten will continue to live here :) Since this is a personal, everyday blog space, I feel this category still fits in! Plus, you will have some fun recipes to use on your recipe binder printable ;)

Inspirational Words

Each Wednesday, a new inspirational quote will be shared. The type of quotes may shift slightly, but the goodness will remain the same :)

iPhone Photography

I have decided future iPhone tutorials, app reviews and resources make sense on the blog for Alaina Ann Photography. I already have a lovely space for all things photography {a HUGE passion of mine} and feel the iPhone component is a nice addition. All the previous posts will remain here and I will likely continue to share my iPhone Favorites for each month as a personal post.


Naturally, personal posts will still appear on the blog a few times a month. After all, this is my personal blog space :)

I have updated my recent blog schedule post to reflect the new focus. I am excited about what’s to come! I hope you are too :)

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