Gracefully Going up a Size

Gracefully Going up a Size :: Alaina Ann

Gracefully Going up a Size :: Alaina Ann

There’s no denying I am a petite lady. Always have been and likely always will be {my vertical growth “spurts” stopped long ago}.

For me, being petite has always come with the perception from others that gaining weight and going up in clothing size is IMPOSSIBLE.

This is not true.

Too much gelato makes my thighs closer friends. Lack of exercise causes the perkiness on my backside to vanish. And a combination of the two leaves me with a button and button loop that may never embrace again.

There’s also my current situation. The one resulting in all new jeans with a number higher than the last batch {owned for many years} and a huge smile on my face.

For years I have had two distinct bodies. Everyday Alaina, and hiking Alaina. The latter has become permanent :)

Once upon a time, my travel/hiking/training season was for a handful of months and then I would take it easy and live in everyday space. Although still fit, there’s a noticeable difference in my muscle structure when hiking and training regularly. For a brief period of time, during the hiking to everyday transition, my jeans were snug. I had two pairs of jeans a size up for this occasion.

My lifestyle has changed dramatically the last few years. I travel, hike and train to wear a heavy pack most months out of the year. I’m stronger, fitter and weigh more than I ever have as an adult. And those two one size up jeans quickly became the only ones that fit. Around the holidays, when my body usually morphs out of the hiking mold, I noticed little had changed. And to be honest, I was thrilled.

Hiking Alaina is here to stay. As a result, my younger sister received ALL my too small jeans and the few hiking pants known to run small. And I enjoyed a bit of a shopping spree, buying new denim with all the room I need. Thankfully the outerwear pants already owned fit perfectly on my hiking bottom {minimizing the shopping spree spend}.

I am still a small lady. And, most importantly, I LOVE my body.

Going up a size on the bottom means I am ready to hit the trails anytime, with a heavy pack on my back, camera in hand and huge smile on my face.

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