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Grocery List Printable 1

One of my February goals was to create a grocery list printable, adding a bit of organization to my weekly trip to the store.

I always try to write my grocery list in the order I walk through the store, but always end up with a disorganized list by the end of the week. Sometimes I rewrite my list, wasting a sheet of paper, and other times I keep my original list but find myself at one end of the store needing to head back to the other end for an item I missed.

Grocery List Printable 2

When designing this printable, I decided to list categories of items within the grocery store, allowing space for a list within each category.

I added a check box for coupons, in case you are similar to me and do not use them regularly… sometimes forgetting they are tucked away in your purse or wallet.

Grocery List Printable 3

I also designed a second grocery list printable with four spaces for recipe names and the ingredients in each recipe at the top of the page, with the same categories below.

My trips to the store are much more efficient and QUICK now that I’m using an organized list with each visit! I hope you will accomplish the same efficiency and shortened trip by using these printable grocery lists :)

Simply click the link(s) below for the grocery list you would like to download and save the PDF to your computer. Enjoy!

Blue Grocery List Printable
Blue Recipe Grocery List Printable
Purple Grocery List Printable
Purple Recipe Grocery List Printable


  1. janet vasturia says:

    your forms are awesome. wish i was as talented as you are at making them up. i have tried many times to make forms up and no luck. Your awesome

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