I am Thankful :: 2016

I am Thankful :: 2016 :: Alaina Ann

I am Thankful :: 2016 :: Alaina Ann

Thanksgiving has come and gone. My mom prepared an amazing feast, free from all the top allergens {when my family sits down together, we cover the big eight and then some}. My current elimination diets kept me away from all the pies and most of the food. I will say, the turkey was one of the best we’ve had and the broccoli was cooked to perfection :)

It’s been a beautiful, challenging, eye opening, splendid, adventurous, cozy year. And I am thankful for all the ups and downs since January.

I am most thankful for…

Family. We are all beautifully different from one another. My siblings challenge me to be a better person, my parents give more than any parent is ever expected. And my niece and nephews are the sweetest, craziest, infectiously lovable little humans. I adore my extended family so much, calling them extended seems inappropriate.

Acts of kindness. More than ever, we all need kindness. From the people we know, complete strangers and individuals who have the power to make broad based change. I hug more strangers than others think I should. And am fortunate to be able to give time, patience, love, money, advice, a listening ear and gifts as often as I wish.

Whole foods. The list of food I have given up throughout the year seems endless. Thankfully, most whole foods are still in and boy do they nourish my body.

Exceptional doctors. Since August, I have been working with a team of ten doctors, navigating my ongoing and recently diagnosed health issues. Each one is knowledgeable, compassionate, honest and motivated. They have been exceptional to work with the last few months.

Nature and travel. Being outside, hitting the road, hiking through forests and wide open spaces are all happy places for me and my camera. I never feel the need to escape my everyday life because it is filled with passion and places that keep me living for the moment.

Friends. There are many people I hold dear, from all walks of life. I have friends that are loved as though they were born into my family. People I’ve known for a fraction of my days that make me feel as though we have known one another since birth.

Opportunity. My companies, lifestyle and expertise have afforded me opportunities I may have only dreamed about years ago. There are no words for how excited I am about my future.

What are you most thankful for today?

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