Intentions :: September 2016

Intentions :: September 2016 :: Alaina Ann

Intentions :: September 2016 :: Alaina Ann

August was an extremely difficult month. I had an unexpected, secondary exposure to shellfish resulting in anaphylaxis. The allergy was much more difficult to treat and stabilize than previous reactions {I’ve had the allergy for 20 years}. Although I am feeling MUCH better now, I’m spending a bit of time with specialists to try and gain answers surrounding my food allergies. More to come on this once answers arrive.

As a result, I have cancelled my around the country road trip for this fall. My departure date was a little over a week from now, limiting time to schedule necessary doctor appointments. If all goes well, I may be able to salvage the last few weeks of the trip and hit the road for a mini adventure at the end of September.

The upside is there are many beautiful places nearby to explore in the meantime :)

September 2016 Intentions
  • Read The Dip, by Seth Godin
  • Write blog posts for October
  • Plan local photography trips for this fall
  • Begin writing my book
  • Begin making dietary and lifestyle adjustments surrounding new food allergies
  • Relax

Hope you have a lovely start to September!

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