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My recipe box was out of control! Between loose magazine clippings, random size recipe cards and a large number of non gluten-free recipes I’ll never make again, my recipe box and recipe collection was no longer functional.

One of my January goals was to make a gluten-free recipe binder for my kitchen. I wanted something relatively simple to update and add to as I found new recipes and, of course, easy to thumb through when looking for a recipe to make. A binder with clear plastic sleeves was the best solution for me.

Recipe Binder

I had this bright and colorful roobee binder from Target on my bookshelf that seemed perfect for this project. I also used colorful index tab dividers for each section of the binder to organize my recipes. The package I purchased in Staples had a light blue divider instead of the additional pink divider.


I love simple, clean design and wanted to have recipe sheets that were the same color as each divider in my binder.

I created eight simple templates that are available as FREE PDF downloads if you would like to use them to make your own recipe binder! The links for each color are below… whether you want a combination of colors or simply one for your entire binder, choose and use what works best for you!

Download the printable:
Light Blue

Type Ready versions now available in the Alaina Ann shop!

Recipe Binder Collection
Recipe Binder Sheets Page 2
Kitchen Measurements
Favorite Recipes List
Cover Sheets


  1. Alaina I love them. Now I have to remake my recipe box. I like your idea better!

  2. Thank you so much, it’s what I was looking for :)

    • Marlena, I am so glad the recipe binder printable meets your needs! I am accepting requests for future printable ideas. Please let me know if there are any others you may be looking for!

  3. Thank you for so much for these easy, classy looking templates!

  4. I love these printable sheets! I have been looking around for a simple book or binder already pre-done with no luck! They are all too detailed for no reason! I can’t wait to start my recipe binder project!

    • Samantha – I am so glad you found my recipe binder printables!! I love keeping them simple and straight forward. Enjoy putting your binder together! Thanks for the smile :)

  5. Thank you so so much! I have tons of recipes, on the net, on word, handwritten and cut outs! I needed so much to organise them! you have made it so much easier thank you for providing us with the printable!

    • Rania – you’re welcome! I am so glad you found the printable recipe sheets! I hope you enjoy using them :)

  6. Alaina these seem just right for my Family Cookbook. The picture shows lines though and when I went to download, the lines are not there. Do I need a different link or does it print out w/ lines? Or is it there are just no lines? :o)

    • Angel – Thank you for checking in! Each recipe binder printable does have lines, as shown in the picture. They should print with the lines included :) I just tested each one to be sure and they printed as intended. I know some browsers may alter the display of the PDF file. I recommend downloading the file, once it opens in your browser, and printing from your computer! I hope this helps :)

  7. Oh my god, you are such an amazing lifesaver! I spent the whole evening looking for a printable recipe template, and every each one of them was either ugly as sin, or small, or not meant for handwriting – even those paid ones – and finally I stumble upon your templates! Thank you sooo much for sharing your wonderful templates! Absolutely fabulous :)
    I hope it’s not too much a bother if I asked what software did you use to create those? And if there’s maybe a way I can use to repaint one of the templates into red color? I happen to have a red divider just lying idle :)

    • Nina – I am so glad you found my recipe binder printable collection! I like to keep things clean and simple when it comes to organizing :) I used InDesign to create these and would be happy to add a red one to the mix. Check back in a few hours!

  8. Joani Rayl says:

    Thank you for the free printables!!!! It was as if you read my mind & designed them to perfection. Just the right size, nothing extra for borders, pretty colors, and a cute font to boot.
    Thank you many times over for generously sharing your creativity! :-)

    • Joani – My pleasure! I am so glad you found my printables and they are working out so well for you!! Enjoy your new recipe binder :)

  9. teri madden says:

    Thank you so very much :) I have been looking for something like this for a long time! These are just wonderful!!!!!

  10. Thank you so much for these pdf printables. This will help me a lot. I am like you I have all sorts of recipes from magazines, to internet, to shared ones from family. This will help me get them organized.

    • Patty – so glad you found my recipe binder printable! They have definitely helped me organize all my recipes from various places. Enjoy!

  11. hello! i love the fact that they are so simple. is there any chance you can make like a page 2 if someone needed to continue the directions on to a second page? Thank you!!

    • Racheal – So glad you enjoy the simplicity of the recipe binder printable. I am happy to add a second page and will make an announcement when available. Thank you for the request!

  12. Wow! These are perfect! I love the simple clean look of each color. This is just what I’ve been looking for to clean up my recipe binder. Thanks so very much for sharing your work Alaina. It is very much appreciated! (My daughters are going to love getting a new recipe binder for Christmas…LoL)

    • Karrol – So glad you found my recipe binder printables! Enjoy your new organized home for recipes. And making binders for your daughters {such a fun gift!!} :)

  13. Thank you for the printables.I can’t wait for the page 2

  14. Is it possible to type instead of write on the printables? I do better when I type as I get older (73) my writing isn’t so clear?

    • June – at this time, I do not offer writable PDF files for the printable downloads. If you have adobe acrobat, you may be able to make the PDF writable on your own using the form option :)

  15. Thanks so much for these printables! The design does not tire me and the variety of colors is great. Would it be possible for you to also make a page for two short recipes? Thanks again.

    • Judy – my pleasure! So glad you are enjoying the recipe binder printable! Having a page for two short recipes is a GREAT idea. I have added this request to my list :)

  16. Hi Alaina, I wanted to say how lucky I am to have found your site after many days and hours of searching for the very recipe pages you are making. Thank you Lord. I want to make Recipe Scrapbooks for my granddaughters and my 2 daughters for Christmas. You have all the colors I needed except for Black, Brown. Would it be possible to request those two colors and I would gladly pay you too. These are the perfect pages and finally my search has ended. Your work and design is awesome. Thank you for making these. They are just lovely. Hope to hear from you soon and you have a wonderful weekend. :))))

    • Joey – thank you SO much!! Your recipe scrapbook idea is great. I am sure your granddaughters will love their gift :) I will plan to make a black and brown version and post them here once complete. Check back in a week or so!

      • Alaina, Thank you so much!!!!!! You are an angel and I appreciate you making the extra colors for me more than you will ever know. I got them and the other sheets I needed for the scrapbooks and will be now finishing them up for Christmas. Again, THANK YOU and you made my Christmas that is for sure!! Merry Christmas to you and your family and may it be the best Christmas ever. God Bless YOU, Joey

  17. Exactly what I have been looking for.
    Thank you!!

  18. I love these! I am unable to open once I have them saved though. Is there any way you could email this as an attachment by chance?

    • Shanda – So glad you love them! It may be an issue with your computer, but I can certainly try delivering them by email. Is there a specific color you are trying to download?

  19. awesome!! any ideas for a table of contents? by color or what…. I am so not that creative! but I have been pestered to make my own cook book for years now, figured it was about time.

  20. what font did you use to make this?

  21. Alaina so glad to of found this page. Was wanting a simple recipe page for a cookbook. Didn’t have the time to get one knocked myself. Thanks for the hard work…

  22. I tried printing your recipe sheets and about a week ago they printed ok, now there are no lines on the page.

    • Shari – I’m afraid the issue is likely with your printer or computer. The lines are present and printing fine on my end. Be sure to download the PDF file to your computer before printing; this sometimes helps resolve issues.

  23. Hi, surfed on Pinterest for something to organize my overflowing recipe mess, love what you have create. I also like simple….I printed a couple samples until I decide how I want to lay them out….Question, is there somewhere that I may have missed as far as being able to type in the recipe or is the only option to hand write them in ? My handwriting isn’t that pretty :) TY for your time!

    • Sandi – My pleasure! So glad you found them. For now, I do not have a fillable PDF version for my printables. With so many different browsers and computers downloading the PDF files, I have found it best to keep them simple :) Do you have a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Pro? If so, you may be able to make the downloaded PDF file(s) a form on your own. Enjoy your organized recipes :)

  24. These are great printables! Thank you so much for taking the time to create them. I am curious if you thought about selling a prefilled (blank) recipe binder? Or maybe selling the pages as a kit and buying binder of choice? I didn’t read through all the many comments, so I don’t know if someone already asked.

    • Jenn – my pleasure! So glad you found the printables! The thought of selling a recipe binder has crossed my mind, along with a few other fun items :) Still thinking over possible product offerings for the future. I’ll definitely make an announcement on the blog when the time comes to open an online shop!

  25. Love your printables. It was just what I was looking for. The only thing is I wish the lines would have print. Other than that they are perfect!!!!!!
    Thank you.

    • Cindy – so glad you found and love the printables! A few other people have had issues printing the dotted lines. I am moving toward solid lines on future printable designs and hope to make my way back to these for an update. Stay tuned :)

  26. hello.

    I am so happy there are other organization freaks like me out there in the world.
    I’m starting a recipe blog and would love to do a post about how i organize my recipes with your templates and i will upload every recipe we make with these templates for others. Of corse i’d be happy to link you and tell every one who the master mind is behind it.

    I’ll keep you posted when the posts about ready.

    Well wishes, nadia

    • Nadia – glad to hear I am not alone with my organization craze! Would love to see the posts once they are complete :)

      • Hi Alaina,

        I was so thrilled to find your free template pages for recipes. I’ve been using a notebook with the cover sleeves and the colored sheets to separate my sections. But, it was a mess too. A printed recipe from here, one from there, handwritten, it’s out of control. Anyway, I’m going to start a recipe book with just family recipes in it to pass down to my son. He especially likes my Christmas baked items. I wondered if there’s a way to use your recipe sheet with the red print and have a Christmas theme up top, small, somewhere? Just a thought! Thanks again. I’m so excited! Candace

        • Candace – so glad you found my recipe printable collection!! I will definitely give some thought to a Christmas themed printable for this year. It’s a lovely idea :) And I’m sure your son will love the new recipe binder filled with family recipes!!

  27. My mom just called me asking for a recipe that she had given me years ago, cause she lost her copy….so, with Christmas around the corner, I’m gonna make her a recipe book….I truly love yours….simple and for my almost 83 year old mom, I feel this will be easy for her to keep track of….can you tell me if that is a 2 inch binder? I cannot wait to go to Target tomorrow and get started on this for her….I live in Florida and she and dad live in Nebraska….I miss them so much and to know that I can send a little something homemade from me will help with the distance between us….God Bless +

    • Carlena – Love your gift idea for your mom :) Sounds as though she will truly enjoy the thoughtful recipe binder. I used a 1.5 inch binder for my recipes. So far, it has been the perfect size!

  28. Hi Alaina,
    I am completely in love with these printables! They perfect and exactly what I have been searching for, I very much appreciate your hard work and willingness to share. I only have one question- what font did you use on these recipe pages? It speaks to me so much and is similar to a font i already use all the time, but is just that 100% perfection. Would you mind sharing what font?
    Thank you

    • Heather – Happy to hear you love the recipe binder printable! The name of the font is Noteworthy. It’s one of my favorites and came standard with my iMac and Macbook Pro.

  29. Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that none of the lines printed out on these. (I suppose I could be low on ink and it just hasn’t told me?) Just wanted you to know!

    • Hi Ashleigh! The lines are printing on my end. May be an issue with your printer or the software being used to open and print the PDF file.

  30. Percilla Roybal says:

    These are exactly what I was looking for !!! I read your story and wanted to do the same with my binder recipes. Thanks for the great Idea and temples.

  31. Exactly what I was looking for.

  32. Is there a way to get this in a 5.5×8.5 format so I can print 2 copies on 1 printer page?

  33. Karen Cripe says:

    Thank you for your help. I was able to get it to work. Now I am wondering what are the categories you use for your recipe binder?

    • Karen – you’re welcome! My recipe binder has tabs for breakfast, snacks, lunch, starters, soup/salad, vegetables, dinner and deserts.

  34. Lesley Creamore says:

    Meal Planner one? Sunday to Saturday , Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner , Snacks? could be kept in the front of the recipe binder? Simple and clean like your recipe ones?

  35. Thank you so much for posting these. I searched everywhere for the right one and i finally came across ur page, thank you

  36. I tried making my own recipe pages and just could not get the look how I pictured it. Finally got the bright idea of duh, look online for inspiration and then came across yours and are perfect! Could not have made them any better. Simple and to the point of what a recipe page needs without the excess! Thanks for sharing because I was going nuts having to look in different places to find the recipe or having to keep my phone on to read a recipe.

    • alaina says:

      Bev – you’re welcome!! So glad you decided to take a look online and came across my printable set!

  37. Alaina, will I be able to type in my recipe and then print it out, or do I have to print the template and hand write my recipe?
    Thank you

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