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I am collecting printable requests for home, family and everyday life!

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  1. Hello I am retired, and would like a complete list of household tasks set out so I can do all the housework for my wife. Whatever you suggest I am willing to follow.
    Hermann Dietsch

  2. cndmamato4 says:

    Hi, I know this is an old post but I am looking for a printable that might be landscape , and sort of columns (to put to do list for each child for say afterschool etc). I don’t know if that makes sense. We have 4 kids plus us two adults so hoping to find something that is 6 across (a header or name spot) then lines going down for their list. I have such a hard time explaining it. It could also be used to compartmentalize tasks by whatever header you want to do (say kitchen/living room/bedroom, etc) .

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