Short hair and answers.

Short hair and answers :: Alaina Ann

Short hair and answers :: Alaina Ann

SO, in early September I decided it was time to grow my hair long for another ponytail donation. And over the weekend I had most of it cut off.

In early October, my hair started falling out. In clumps.

The upside is I started with a TON of hair. And losing half my locks prompted my doctors to dig deeper and run new tests to try and determine why I feel better, but still have yet to return to normal.

Treatment has started for two recently diagnosed autoimmune diseases and I am on a path to hopefully keep the rest of my {short} hair.

I’m grateful for answers and looking forward to getting back to my normal self soon :)

Thank you for all the encouragement, prayers, positive thoughts and support during the last 3.5 months!

I’m feeling confident my body is ready to rebalance.

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