Summer Upgrades {2016}

Summer Upgrades {2016} :: Alaina Ann

Summer Upgrades {2016} :: Alaina Ann

Summer is in full swing, with some rather miserable temperatures happening over the last week. Truthfully, I tend to spend most of July and August inside dreaming about cool fall days ahead.

There’s a bit of Patagonia gear happening in my summer upgrades. All great signs for a prepared fall season on the road.

Patagonia Long Sleeve Fjord Flannel Shirt

Each year, around my birthday, Patagonia releases their new flannels. And I immediately buy two or three before my size runs out. The Fjord Flannel is a staple piece of clothing for me and is their thicker flannel option. If you see me anytime between late September and April, there’s a good chance I will be wearing a Patagonia flannel :) This year, I purchased two and saved my remaining flannel money stash for the next upgrade.

Patagonia Heywood Flannel Shirt

New this year is a lighter flannel shirt by Patagonia. I purchased one Heywood Flannel to give it a test this season and see if there’s applicable use for having a lighter version. Already feeling confident this will become a new favorite piece of clothing for not so cold days.

Fitbit Charge HR™

While traveling around this spring, my Fitbit Charge began to show some age. The latching mechanism sometimes came undone, landing in a puddle or on the ground where I then stepped on it. Admittedly, I’m pretty rough on this piece of gear and fully expect to replace it every two years. The time had come and it made a great opportunity to upgrade to the version with heart rate tracking. I have SVT and often take a quick pulse while out hiking and exploring. So far, the results on my wrist have been fairly accurate and saves me some counting!

KEEN Big Kid’s Newport H2

Allow me to have zero shame in buying kid’s shoes. During the tail end of my spring road trip, I stepped in a HUGE wad of gum at a rest stop in South Carolina while wearing my five-plus year old KEEN‘s. Don’t spit gum on the ground! Could I have gotten all the sticky, lime green gum out of every tiny crevice of the sandal? Maybe. Since they were already on my replacement gear list for 2016, opting for a new pair was a better option. Plus, buying a kid’s size saves a bit on the overall cost.

Patagonia Black Hole™ Wheeled Duffel Bag 45L

My biggest upgrade was a new wheeled duffel bag for road trips. And it was on sale big time. All my other duffel bags are REI brand and they are fantastic. Since this Patagonia bag was on sale, with similar features and capacity, it was a great option for my upcoming fall road trip. I’m trying to move toward traveling with two or three small bags during long road trips, instead of one small and one really large. It makes packing and unpacking much simpler and allows for more configuration with available trunk space.

Unlike my spring upgrades, these were all personal purchases. A few are already getting steady use, while the others will become part of everyday life as summer fades into fall.

As always, this is not an advertisement or paid endorsement for any of the products, companies or brands noted. Each was paid for with hard earned money and are items I truly love and use :) Direct links not in place since they may expire. Each website has a search feature to easily find the exact item noted above.

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