Horizontal 5 x 7 Wi-Fi Information Print {Free Printable}

As promised, here’s a horizontal version of the original Wi-Fi information printable. Print on a 5 x 7 inch piece of card stock paper and frame for your guest room {or any other place where it may happily live}. Download the printable: Blue Green Pink Purple

Vertical 5 x 7 Wi-Fi Information Print {Free Printable}

If you frequently host guests in your home and have Wi-Fi, this printable is for you :) Allow me to introduce the simply designed Wi-Fi information printable. Sized at 5 x 7 inches, this is perfect for printing, writing in the network name and password, then placing inside a frame to match the space where… {read more}

Rock Star Pants Print Set {Printable}

Consider me a bit excited about the motivational {fun} print sets coming your way in the Alaina Ann shop! Whenever my sister and I have an awesome moment in life, we always lean in and whisper “get cozy in your rock star pants” :) Because it feels good to be a rock star in your… {read more}

To Do 5 x 7 Print {Printable}

The Alaina Ann shop has a new addition! Allow me to introduce the 5 x 7 inch To Do print, available in six colors and two printing options. An instant download PDF is designed to print on 8.5 x 11 inch or 5 x 7 inch paper. A little cutting is required on the 8.5… {read more}