Intentions :: November 2016

October may have been the swiftest month of 2016. I spent the first half traveling back to Maryland from Colorado. And it was fantastic! The second half of the month has been busy with work, doctor appointments {still working on my allergies} and family time. November will slow down a bit on the travel front…. {read more}

Intentions :: October 2016

September FLEW by. What happened to this month? I’ll tell you what happened during my September: countless doctor appointments. The good news is my body has mostly recovered from a brutal round of allergic reactions. While waiting for follow-up appointments to come due, I’m celebrating with a little road trip! My adventurewagon will pull back… {read more}

Intentions :: September 2016

August was an extremely difficult month. I had an unexpected, secondary exposure to shellfish resulting in anaphylaxis. The allergy was much more difficult to treat and stabilize than previous reactions {I’ve had the allergy for 20 years}. Although I am feeling MUCH better now, I’m spending a bit of time with specialists to try and… {read more}

Intentions :: August 2016

How’s your first few days of August moving along? Nicely, I hope! July was a glorious {too hot} month of aging, family, being at home and preparing for the goodness of fall. August will be another fairly local month, with a few nearby explorations. I’m excited to finish planning my fall around the country road… {read more}

Intentions :: July 2016

Excuse me. How is it almost JULY?! Time seems to be going by a bit too fast the last few months, if you ask me. I’m sure being on the road likely contributed to this feeling :) I am HOME from my 40 day around the country road trip. There were a few more bumps… {read more}

Intentions :: June 2016

Happy almost June to you! Summer has arrived :) I am currently on a 40 day road trip around the country, returning home toward the end of June. So far, the trip has been AMAZING, minus a few weather days driving through and out of crazy storms. No tornadoes spotted from my car windows, so… {read more}

Intentions :: May 2016

Oh my goodness. How is it already MAY?! Tricky year, starting off nice and slow. Then rushing into the month of my first big road trip :) April was fun, kicking off my travel season with relatively short, local {east coast} trips AND seeing dear friends. This month I will roll the dice with a… {read more}

Intentions :: April 2016

April arrives on Friday! The first quarter of the year is almost behind us. March was a pretty swift month for me. How about you? Family time was the number one highlight from March :) I also enjoyed getting my travel feet wet with a few short road trips. April 2016 Intentions Read Boundaries, by… {read more}

Intentions :: March 2016

Happy March!! How is your year going so far? Wild and crazy? Low-key and calm? Somewhere in between? Mine has been low-key, with a little extra wild and crazy welcome :) February was the perfect month for staying close to home. Alaina Ann Creative projects kicked off with a booked year ahead. Alaina Ann Photography… {read more}

Intentions :: February 2016

Happy February to you! I am pleased to say January’s overall speed felt normal, instead of the usual blink and it’s gone pace. Last month was great for easing back into work, setting a new groove for 2016 and deciding on a few fun decisions for the months ahead. Travel was minimal, with one big… {read more}