Bigelow Tea :: Gluten-Free

Bigelow Tea is a recent, delicious, discovery. Their tea has been spotted in a few hotels while on road trips and I had the pleasure of enjoying a few cups with a friend while visiting Long Island. So far, I have been drawn to the black tea flavors, with the Vanilla Chai being my favorite…. {read more}

White Heron Tea :: Gluten-Free

White Heron Tea is a new favorite of mine, after visiting my sister in New England. I am actually sipping on a cup of white pomegranate tea now :) My first taste of tea from this New Hampshire based company was in Massachusetts at a local cafe. I tried a handful of different flavors and… {read more}

Eastern Shore Tea :: Gluten-Free

Obsessed with tea is an understatement when describing my love affair with these leaves of goodness. I have shared my love for tea a few times: Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Gluten-Free Tea Options Allow me to introduce another favorite brand: Eastern Shore Tea Co. In addition to the fun local flavor, all teas are pesticide-free AND… {read more}

Zhena’s Gypsy Tea :: Gluten-Free

I could spend days talking about tea and how obsessed I am with the different leaves, flavors and overall goodness. Today, let’s focus on my favorite gluten-free tea brand. Zhena’s Gypsy Tea. ALL the teas are gluten-free, a little fact I have confirmed with the company on several occasions. They also do a nice job… {read more}

Hot Tea :: Gluten-Free

During my quest to eliminate gluten from my diet, I was surprised to find many teas contain gluten. Various teas are often removed of their gluten-free status due to processing and cross-contamination. This is the case for many foods and beverages that are naturally gluten-free, but come out the other end without the stamp of… {read more}

Greek Yogurt Smoothie :: Gluten-Free

I find smoothies to be a great breakfast or afternoon snack. After trying several mixtures, I have settled on this greek yogurt smoothie as my favorite. I am not a huge fan of yogurt, but my body does love it, so I try to eat one serving each day. Greek Yogurt Smoothie {Gluten-Free} 6 oz…. {read more}