Tate’s Cookies {Gluten-Free}

I may have forgotten to capture a photograph of my Tate’s gluten-free cookies before eating them all :) My first introduction to Tate’s Bake Shop was while living on Eastern Long Island. A few years before the Celiac Disease diagnosis. I happily enjoyed many of the gluten packed goodies sold at the bakery in Southampton,… {read more}

Big Cock Ranch Spices :: Gluten Free

Take a deep breath and embrace seeing slightly offensive words inside your spice cabinet, because Big Cock Ranch has some amazing products. While on my spring road trip, I popped into a gift shop on Historic Route 66 and was immediately drawn to these spices. I think the bold word “Shit” on every product lured… {read more}

Bigelow Tea :: Gluten-Free

Bigelow Tea is a recent, delicious, discovery. Their tea has been spotted in a few hotels while on road trips and I had the pleasure of enjoying a few cups with a friend while visiting Long Island. So far, I have been drawn to the black tea flavors, with the Vanilla Chai being my favorite…. {read more}

Tom’s of Maine Soap :: Gluten Free

My apologies for the two day delay on this one. I remembered capturing this photo before leaving home. And then was unable to locate it. Alas, it was in a safe place on the Dropbox account NOT linked to my laptop. So, here were are, looking at gluten-free soap. At the moment, Tom’s of Maine… {read more}

Avalon Organics Shampoo & Conditioner :: Gluten-Free

My quest for a new gluten-free shampoo and conditioner began with Avalon Organics. Let me start by saying home much I LOVE the front and center gluten-free messaging. No need to call or email the company, do a google search or read through the FAQ section on their website. Both the shampoo and conditioner have… {read more}

An Update on the Honest Company :: Gluten-Free

As you know, I fell in love with gluten-free products from the Honest Company years ago. Many have been reviewed and recommended here on the blog. In February 2014, when first sharing my experience with products from the Honest Company, the website had a blog post about allergens with a blanket statement that all products… {read more}

HEMPZ Body Moisturizer :: Gluten-Free

My hands were cracking and overwhelmingly unhappy last week. This happens every winter. As luck would have it, my hair stylist introduced me to HEMPZ Herbal Body Moisturizer. The original scent has been absorbing into my skin for a week and it is now SMOOTH and happy :) Over the weekend I managed to get… {read more}

White Heron Tea :: Gluten-Free

White Heron Tea is a new favorite of mine, after visiting my sister in New England. I am actually sipping on a cup of white pomegranate tea now :) My first taste of tea from this New Hampshire based company was in Massachusetts at a local cafe. I tried a handful of different flavors and… {read more}

Eastern Shore Tea :: Gluten-Free

Obsessed with tea is an understatement when describing my love affair with these leaves of goodness. I have shared my love for tea a few times: Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Gluten-Free Tea Options Allow me to introduce another favorite brand: Eastern Shore Tea Co. In addition to the fun local flavor, all teas are pesticide-free AND… {read more}

bareMinerals Make Up :: Gluten-Free

Let’s start here: my make up bag is small and only contains a few items. That said, those few items are gluten-free and GREAT products. Each one goes on smoothly, blends well with my skin and lasts as long as needed. During my quest to use all gluten-free products, make up was far down on… {read more}