I am Thankful Page {Free Printable}

November is nearly upon us, a time of year often filled with gratitude and thankfulness. Should you find yourself wanting to take time to write down all you are thankful for in this life, consider downloading my free printable. I go through this exercise at least one each year and have found it to be… {read more}

Gratitude Journal Cover Sheet :: Organized Life {Free Printable}

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you are having a wonderful day! And if you don’t, I still hope you are having a wonderful day :) I am in Maryland with family, creating new memories and eating delicious food. Today’s free printable is for your gratitude journal. Seemed fitting for today! Simply designed, there’s a… {read more}

Daily Food Journal :: Organized Life {Free Printable}

There are many reasons to track your daily food intake. Whether you are looking to pin point potential allergens, digestive issue provokers, loose weight or simply want to have a record of what goes in your body, this daily food journal printable is a great starting point! The open space at the top right is… {read more}

Gratitude Journal List :: Organized Life {Free Printable}

A few weeks back, the gratitude journal page was introduced. As promised, today I have a new printable for noting the people, places, circumstances and other areas of life you are most grateful for. The gratitude journal list has a blank line in the top right for writing the date, week or month. Below are… {read more}

Gratitude Journal Page :: Organized Life {Free Printable}

During the last eighteen months I have spent a bit of time focusing on the goodness in my life. I find gratitude in the big and small moments and have realized there’s so much to be thankful for on a daily basis. My youngest sister recommended I start a gratitude journal about a year ago…. {read more}