Fall Road Trip {2017}

Fall is upon us, which means it’s time for another around the country road trip for this lady! I left Oregon this morning and will be on the road for 62 days :) I’m planning a little time in the Southwest before making my way to Maryland for family time. This will be a more… {read more}

2017 Bucket List {Free Printable}

If you have plans to check off items on your bucket list in 2017, this printable is ready to capture each one. The 2017 bucket list printable has three sections for individual lists. Each section has lines for eight items. Download the printable: Blue Green Pink Purple

Fall Road Trip {2016}

Each year I plan an epic, long road trip around the country to photograph fall foliage. Last year my camera, adventurewagen and I spent 65 days on the road. My original road trip plan for this fall was nearly all new locations, spanning across 50 days. Life happened, as it sometimes does, preventing me from… {read more}

iPhone Favorites :: May 2016

May was a beautiful month as I kicked off my 40 day around the country road trip. The colors, textures and locations of these photographs all made them winners for the month, in my mind. Locations of each photograph above, going clockwise: :: Country Dove {Elk City, Oklahoma} :: Grand Canyon National Park {Arizona} ::… {read more}

Spring Road Trip {2016}

I am rolling the dice with a spring around the country road trip! As you may recall, I spent 65 days on the road last fall. This trip will be a tad shorter at 40 days. My bags are packed, gas tank is full, snacks safely tucked in bear proof containers and my adventurewagen is… {read more}

iPhone Favorites :: April 2016

Choosing four favorites from April was tough! I spent my time in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, New York and Massachusetts. Locations of each photograph above, going clockwise: :: Iron Pier Beach {Riverhead, New York} :: Great Smoky Mountains National Park {Tennessee} :: Great Smoky Mountains National Park {Tennessee} :: Montauk {New York}

Places to Go :: Organized Family {Free Printable}

Allow me to start by saying although this is marked as an organized FAMILY post, this printable is great for couples, individuals, groups of friends and any other people wanting to go places situation. I designed this printable because there are SO many lovely places to go, near and far. And keeping track of your… {read more}

iPhone Favorites :: March 2016

March was a lovely month to get back into road trip and travel mode. And, the cherry blossoms were at peak bloom! In addition to Washington, D.C. and North Carolina, I spent time in Maryland and Virginia. Locations of each photograph above, going clockwise: :: Tidal Basin – Washington, D.C. :: Frisco Pier – Cape… {read more}

2016 Travel Plans

This little lady LOVES to travel. Each year more days are allocated to road trips and photography. No surprise, 2016 is firming up to be my biggest year on the road with {fingers crossed} five months of travel planned. As usual, my travel destinations are within the United States and my trusty Tiguan will be… {read more}