Fall Upgrades {2017}

For years, I have been wanting to buy a cargo van for a camper van conversion. The timing was finally right and the Adventureram is now on a maiden voyage around the country! Ram ProMaster 2500 After months of research and looking at the vehicles available in Oregon last month, I decided to purchase a… {read more}

Spring and Summer Upgrades {2017}

To be perfectly honest, I have upgraded an entire home in the last twenty days! On June 1, I signed a lease in Oregon and immediately began purchasing furniture, a bed, everything for my kitchen and what feels like countless storage accessories. Would be silly to list everything out, so I’ll go with a few… {read more}

Winter Upgrades {2017}

My winter upgrades were born out of necessity. Lucky Brand Jeans Last year I proudly claimed my more muscular bottom half and gave away all my too small jeans. Unfortunately, my health dilemmas from the second half of the year resulted in a loss of nearly 20 pounds over the course of several months. And… {read more}

Fall Upgrades {2016}

Fall has officially arrived, per the calendar. Recent temperatures may suggest otherwise… it’s been in the 80’s this week! I did receive a lovely taste of fall while on the road in September and October. All three upgrades were broken in and used extensively along the way :) Apple iPhone 7 If Apple significantly upgrades… {read more}

Summer Upgrades {2016}

Summer is in full swing, with some rather miserable temperatures happening over the last week. Truthfully, I tend to spend most of July and August inside dreaming about cool fall days ahead. There’s a bit of Patagonia gear happening in my summer upgrades. All great signs for a prepared fall season on the road. Patagonia… {read more}

Spring Upgrades {2016}

For many years, I have tucked away a little money each month to use toward something special for myself. Guilty pleasures, a new dress, splurge at the grocery store, zero degree sleeping bag… the list is all over the place and ranges from single dollar treats to more expensive spends. In addition to my monthly… {read more}