Tom’s of Maine Soap :: Gluten Free

Tom's of Maine Soap :: Gluten Free :: Alaina Ann

Tom’s of Maine Soap :: Gluten Free :: Alaina Ann

My apologies for the two day delay on this one. I remembered capturing this photo before leaving home. And then was unable to locate it. Alas, it was in a safe place on the Dropbox account NOT linked to my laptop.

So, here were are, looking at gluten-free soap.

At the moment, Tom’s of Maine notes ALL their products are gluten-free. I love companies like this. Simplifying personal care choices!

While looking for a new soap, after learning The Honest Company changed their gluten-free stance, Tom’s of Maine was a natural choice.

Tom’s of Maine currently has four bar soap choices. The daily moisture bar is my favorite. The scent is light, soap suds up nicely, feels creamy on my skin and thoroughly rinses off. Most importantly, I feel fresh and clean afterwards.

Take a look around at their choices and see if there’s a great fit waiting for you :)

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