Traveling with Food Allergies

Traveling with Food Allergies :: Alaina Ann

Traveling with Food Allergies :: Alaina Ann

Today is day 12 of my 23 day road trip around the country! So far, the trip has been quite spectacular.

Whenever I make plans to hit the road, for a long or short trip, there’s one element of travel that always looms over my head and requires a bit of extra planning. Finding safe places to eat.

I have a few food allergies. Fish and Shellfish are life-threatening and require me to carry a few epi pens everywhere I go. And then there’s the gluten.

Finding gluten-free options has become easier with each passing year. Finding restaurants that have gluten-free options and DO NOT serve shellfish or fish {it’s that bad} is a bit more tricky.

To ensure I am able to stuff my face properly while on the road, below are a few of my tips and planning measures.

  1. Packing ample snacks and dry goods to have in the car. Think fruits, vegetables, jerky, granola bars, hummus, dried fruit, popcorn, cereal, cheese, yogurt and the list goes on. A cooler is my dear friend on the road!
  2. Research restaurants ahead of time. My hotels are all booked before I hit the road, allowing me to research local restaurants for dining options. This is extremely helpful!
  3. Stopping in the grocery store. Whether it’s a local store, co-op or even Wal-Mart, grabbing food for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner is an easy and safe option.
  4. Eating breakfast at the hotel. Hampton Inn is my hotel of choice and, for the most part, they always serve fresh fruit and gluten-free yogurt. I bring my own granola and am able to make a hearty parfait each morning.
  5. A few days of my trip are being spent in the homes of dear friends. I must say, I am one lucky lady. Each person has been amazing about proving a fish and shellfish free home, with amazing gluten-free meals. My home cooked meal last night was awesome :)

Keeping an eye out for local hospitals, in case the unfortunate event of an allergic reaction occurs, is always a good idea too.

What tips and recommendations do you have for traveling with food allergies? I would love to hear them in the comments below!

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