Winter Upgrades {2017}

Winter Upgrades {2017} :: Alaina Ann

Winter Upgrades {2017} :: Alaina Ann

My winter upgrades were born out of necessity.

Lucky Brand Jeans

Last year I proudly claimed my more muscular bottom half and gave away all my too small jeans. Unfortunately, my health dilemmas from the second half of the year resulted in a loss of nearly 20 pounds over the course of several months. And my muscle jeans were far too big. I bought several pairs of Lucky Brand jeans to get me through winter, and am hoping to regain the lost weight through working out and strength training. My favorite jean fits are Lolita, Sweet Jean and Lil Maggie.

Sorel Boots

As winter loomed, I felt the need to buy a new pair of Sorel boots for the season ahead. To be honest, I’ve only worn them once due to a very mild winter here in Maryland. The good news is these boots have many useful years of life ahead.

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