Year Long Intentions :: 2017

Year Long Intentions :: 2017 :: Alaina Ann

We are over seven weeks into 2017. Time seems to go by so quickly these days. Similar to last year, I’m planning year long intentions to carry through December.


Read. This is a repeat from last year. I’m carrying on with my plan to read at least on book each month. Reading first thing in the morning or right before bed each night has become a lovely part of each day.

Be outside. Working from home can easily result in days passing without leaving the house. Over the years, I have developed a routine of popping outside most days for fresh air, a long walk/hike or running errands. This year, my intention is to spend part of every single day outside, enjoying nature and the beauty surrounding me.

Write. Whether it’s pen to paper or fingertips tapping on my keyboard, writing fills me with great joy. And I’d love to commit to completing my first book in the next year.


Loads of sleep. My body has been slowly recovering from a rather severe adrenal insufficiency. Diagnosed in November, my treatment plan has worked well and I’m less tired each day. A HUGE relief! That said, my body still needs between eight and ten hours of sleep each night. Getting a long night of sleep has become one of my top priorities so my days are all I want them to be!

Kindness. Random acts of kindness have been a big part of my life in recent years. Strangers have bestowed their kindness upon me across the country and it warms my heart to do the same, for people I’ve known always and those who have only been in my life for a matter of minutes.

Simplify. With a big cross-country move coming my way in May, simplifying is an important task. I’m regularly going through my belongings and lifestyle, giving away material possessions no longer needed and cutting out sources of wasted time and energy.

Leap. I love a good leap of faith. And have made many as an adult. Whether it’s related to business, relationships, life decisions or anything in between, I’ll be leaping several times throughout the year.

Here’s to a grand year ahead :)

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