Desire leads the way home. Danielle LaPorte

Checking in on year long intentions.

Admittedly, it’s a tad late in the year to be checking in on my year long intentions set back in January. The middle of the year, however, came and went with higher priorities! Daily intentions: moisturize, read and move. Pleased to say I managed to stay true to each of these intentions. With moisturizing likely… {read more}

Blank ORANGE Love Notes {Free Printable}

Since the original blank love notes were a hit, I decided to design an orange version in time for Halloween :) Download the printable. Hope you’re having a lovely October!

Educate their hearts.

It is vital when educating our children’s minds, that we do not neglect to educate their hearts. The Dalai Lama

Fall Upgrades {2016}

Fall has officially arrived, per the calendar. Recent temperatures may suggest otherwise… it’s been in the 80’s this week! I did receive a lovely taste of fall while on the road in September and October. All three upgrades were broken in and used extensively along the way :) Apple iPhone 7 If Apple significantly upgrades… {read more}

Blank Done List {Free Printable}

Today’s printable is for celebrating every little thing you completed. For the day, week, month, any time frame that works for you. Sometimes we focus so much on what we need to do, we often lose sight of what we have already done. The top portion of the printable offers an open space for noting… {read more}

Think too much.

We think too much and we feel too little. Charlie Chaplin

My favorite season has arrived.

My favorite season has arrived. Fall is in the air everywhere I go. Most notably Durango, Colorado {photographed above}. I always breath easier when fall rolls in. Maybe it’s the crisp temperatures, beautiful colors, delicious foods being harvested and {most likely} the overall lack of humidity. Summers in the Maryland are quite moist! There are… {read more}

Blank Three Category List {Free Printable}

Today’s printable is a blank three category list. Perfect for capturing different areas of your life on one sheet of paper. And the blank format allows you to be creative with your lists. There are three large open spaces, each with an area above for noting the category. Download the printable: Blue Green Pink Purple

Your strength.

Your Strength is how calmly, quietly and peacefully you face life. Yogi Bhajan